Build custom applications with a best-in-class software team

We create high-performance, interactive, user-friendly applications helping companies bring their business to a whole new level. TekIntelligence focuses on the delivery of the apps designed to enhance the clients' business.
With highly scalable JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js at the front, we can deliver web solutions that are both stylish and lightning-fast.

As a customer-centric solution development company, our ultimate objective in this stage is to build a working prototype that solves the primary problem, identifies the right target persona and paves the way for a market fit product.

Our interfaces aren’t just designs and colors, but innovative interactions that are a product of a deep understanding of your user’s behavior, functionality and your industry trends. We create interfaces that are are aesthetically appealing, flawless to use, and drive people to take action.

When it comes to code development, we know all the latest technologies that are currently available. Our engineers marry latest technologies with top notch development processes like Agile and DevOps. We make sure that your application excels in every dimension; scalability, technology stack, robustness or functionality.

Quality is not an act. It’s a habit. We have embraced a built-in-quality approach across our organization. Using state of the art tools and processes, we strive to produce secure, reliable, and clean coded solutions thatwe will host, maintain and manage to keep it operating efficiently.

Custom Software Development Services

UI/UX Development
User interface and user experience are two facets of web and app design that can make or break your software. It is important for your business to partner with a reputable company that will ensure the superb quality of the UI and UX of your application. With highly scalable JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js at the front, we can deliver web solutions that are both stylish and lightning-fast.
Full Stack Development
We believe custom software isn’t just for the big guys. We deliver complex, secure and well-documented backend solutions with resizable computing capacity that scale naturally within the industry’s best cloud platforms. Whether it’s a web app, custom backend system or an API, we create architectures that best suit your digital products.
Application Modernization
With the rapid pace of technological innovation, you might find that your software applications have become outdated, inefficient, difficult to use, costly to update and maintain or simply insufficient for your business needs. A more robust, modern solution may help improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiencies or allow you to expand to new markets. At TekIntelligence, we specialize in modernizing your applications and integrating newer technologies.
Software Maintenance/Support
TekIntelligence can help maintain your business-critical software applications and ensure that user requests are addressed efficiently and enhancements are planned and deployed per the required release schedule. We currently work with several large companies as an extension of their in-house teams, and also perform maintenance services for various software applications that we have developed for our clients

Custom Software Development Plans

  • 40 hours minimum
  • Most technologies supported
  • Best for small projects
  • Yearly support contract
  • Most technologies supported
  • Enhancements included

50+ companies, from global brands to fast-scaling startups, have built custom software with us!