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A large healthcare startup


Our company was chosen by a US-based digital healthtech startup for the development of a mobile app made for patients who need to be in contact with a doctor or self-monitor their health. This included building two versions (for Android and iOS), as well as integrating it with an existing web application. The existing web version already performed several healthcare functions, while the mobile app expanded upon them and made the overall experience portable. Our additional objectives included creating and implementing a reward system, gamification elements, quest mechanics, chat with an assigned doctor, booking appointments, check-ups and more.

As a result we needed to create an app that was a comprehensive virtual assistant that handles many of the key tasks associated with clinical care, saving costs and providing convenience to patients.

What We Did

This healthcare applications were developed using native technologies for both Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) platforms. We designed interfaces and developed the application fully in-house, utilising the experience of 1 project manager, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 game designer, 2 2D artists, 4 developers, and 2 quality assurance managers. 

The Solution

Our development team built two individual mobile applications for iOS and Android, which core functional is a chat bot. Along with that, we created an interface that would be understandable even to those who do not regularly use mobile apps, along with integrating gamification and a unique reward system. We also integrated a quest system which provides unique daily/weekly/monthly challenges to users based on their disease or condition. The basic quest available to everyone involves taking care of an animated pet, while more specific medical challenges involve taking measurements of weight, temperature, pulse, taking medication, and communicating with a doctor, etc. Completing these regular quests grants various rewards, including upgrades for the virtual pet. The animated pet in the app was developed to keep patients coming back to it daily and fulfilling other medical requirements in the program. The virtual assistant can be interacted with, and helps users keep track of their health in a fun and effective way. In addition to the aforementioned features, we integrated an educational mechanic that uses quizzes to teach patients more about their health and body. To further help them keep track of health, we added several simple yet functional measurement screens such as weight, glucose, blood or pressure measurement screens.