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A leading financial regulator


The financial regulator provided web portal was used by 40,000 + registered representatives to perform complex activities and provide data for compliance and regulatory needs.

  1. The company had 10+ teams working on disparate web applications linked together and navigated through a portal using legacy technologies. These applications are critical no-downtime applications that are integral to market functioning, compliance, and integrity.
  2. The company was looking to create a new greenfield system to build an intuitive and smooth customer experience for the end-users resulting in monetary benefits gained from improved efficiency. It was critical to ensure a smooth customer transition to the new portal and make it easy for engineering teams to deliver web applications using the latest cloud-native technologies and establish a governance process.
  3. Some vital requirements for the new system were:

End Users

  • Provide an Omni-channel, responsive Single Page Application experience to perform daily activities.
  • Create a one-stop web application that provides an end-user based customer experience.
  • Transition the representatives smoothly from the existing legacy system to the new greenfield system.

Engineering Application Teams

  • A web portal to present a native, cohesive SPA experience to end-user by composing and integrating web applications developed by various teams across the enterprise.
  • Architect, design, and implement strongly decoupled front end and back-end systems for every application.
  • Architect, design, and implement a mechanism for individual teams to deliver capabilities at their cadence with low risk.
  • Allow applications to implement and deliver business value rather than the implementation of non-functional requirements for cross-cutting concerns.

What We Did

  1. AWS DynamoDB Database Service
  2. AWS Lambda Platform
  3. Automated Jenkins Pipeline
  4. GraphQL Federation
  5. Set up Multi-AZ Disaster Recovery
  6. Micro Front-end Framework

The Solution

  1. The financial institution had already adopted AWS cloud and had mature enterprise operations, governance, DevOps, and approval policies. AWS Serverless technologies were not being utilized extensively within the enterprise.
  2. Collaborated with the client team and utilized enterprise policies, foundations, and frameworks. Our team used best practices across the industry. It established new patterns utilizing bleeding edge technology stack across front-end, back-end systems on AWS to deliver loosely coupled highly reliable, scalable, and secure system.
  3. Working along with the financial institution team, utilized enterprise policies, foundations, and frameworks to introduce, establish:
  • Architecture and design for building loosely coupled, highly scalable, composable web applications using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB.
  • An opinionated micro front end framework to provide a web portal that loads web applications and provides implementations for cross-cutting concerns.
  • An extensive framework implementation to support independent, no downtime deployments of the individual micro applications by engineering teams at their own cadence using automated Jenkins pipelines.
  • Ensure continuous backup, Jenkins pipeline-based configuration Dynamo database restoration.
    Reference Architecture and Reusable modules for the backend systems to implement API federation using Graph QL.
  • Extend the provision for Infrastructure as code support for AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB using automated Jenkins pipelines.
  • Established process and onboarded the web applications onto the web portal.
  • Testing the web applications and web portal (SPA) using automated tests triggered using Jenkins.
  • Integrated with the existing enterprise-wide AUTHN\AUTHZ mechanisms.
  • Multi-AZ disaster recovery setup for the web portal.