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A large insurance services provider.


Company’s core application was built on a monolith architecture over many years and the codebase had grown too large. The application was tightly coupled and with growth in business demands, it was becoming very difficult to rapidly release new features. Due to the complexity of the monolith application, the company faced longer development and deployment cycles, which significantly slowed down time to market. Adding new capabilities was taking a long time, there were performance issues and multiple unstable environments demanded a large IT team split based on the n-tier architecture. The company was looking to move to microservices architecture for the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of its application.

What We Did

  • Microservice architecture design & implementation
  • CI\CD pipeline
  • REST\GraphQL APIs
  • Managed services for SDLC

The Solution

Our modern application delivery experts digitally transformed the monolithic web application to reactive microservices using state-of-the-art architectural patterns to deliver iterative, incremental, predictable capabilities to multiple parallel product lines.

  1. Architecturally split the monolithic web application to multiple product lines using domain-driven design to iteratively develop and deploy capabilities to speed up the Time To Market and reduce the risk.
  2. Architected and designed a distributed framework, message queues, asynchronous patterns.
  3. Designed and developed loosely coupled, message\event driven, technology-agnostic microservices.
  4. Implemented individually deployable microservices with end-end monitoring, health checks and alerts.
  5. Deployed multi cloud-ready solution to easily support new business requirements in future.
  6. Revised the team structure with pizza teams organized around product lines for enterprise-scale distributed microservices development.
  7. Implemented “No Downtime” microservices CI\CD to provide ”Always Available” experience.
  8. Architected and designed individually CI\CD pipelines to automatically test and deploy iteratively.
  9. Bleeding edge performant and horizontally scalable REST\ GraphQL APIs built using best-fit technology.
  10. TekIntelligence provided managed services to deliver an end-to-end solution with responsibilities across the entire SDLC. As part of managed services, we designed and developed validation strategies to parallelly test the distributed systems around multiple vectors.