Let us help build your next stunning app! Native or Cross Platform.

TekIntelligence has delivered award-winning mobile solutions since 2012. We take pride in the forward-looking design and seamless user experience of our mobile apps, even across the complex web of operating systems and devices.
Whether your app sits on an iPhone, an Android tablet, or a Windows device, our engineers will craft a consistent and engaging interface which promotes usability and stickiness.

Our design team creates an intuitive UX to make your app easy to adopt and use without compromising functionality. Even cross-platform apps built with React Native, Angular Native or other frameworks will adopt iOS and Android platform-dependent design guidelines and will feel familiar to users.

We implement powerful back-ends as well as proven caching and syncing tools so that your app can handle increasing numbers of users and tasks. We also use best client-side development practices to ensure smooth and responsive UIs as well as efficient consumption of network and battery resources, especially for hybrid and cross-platform apps.

While integrating your app with other software and data sources, we provide full interoperability with the help of APIs, data connectors and communication protocols. Whether it’s a web app, custom backend system or an external API, we create architectures that best suit your software environment.

Following best mobile security practices, we use MDM/MAM user authentication, setup single sign-on (SSO), configure data leak prevention (DLP), database and file-level encryption, and penetration testing, to name just a few tools. Our apps talk to server APIs via encrypted protocols, while app data is stored according to the OS security guidelines.

Mobile App Development Offerings

iOS App Development
With their rich capabilities, the innovative iPhone and iPad have become not just popular smart devices, but essentially new effective tools for business. TekIntelligence specialists render iOS applications development services and create unique, high-quality software for iPhone and iPad. If you are interested in adapting your custom mobile apps to the latest version of the operating system, our iOS team will supercharge your app development, deliver the app on time and provide a high-quality maintenance service.
Android App Development
Our Android programmers apply Android SDK and Open Source Simple programming language to develop Android applications quickly and use components of this runtime system efficiently. Android developers successfully apply Google’s Android framework to create Java-based mobile applications for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Our native apps ensure a consistent experience and approach, regardless of how an end-user comes to see them.
Cross-Platform App Development
We adopt the cross-platform mobile app development approach when it is important to reduce costs and time to market and create an app that delivers unified user experience on all platforms. To develop cross-platform applications our engineers use such platforms and frameworks as React Native, Angular Native, Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin and more. Through its long-term engagement with clients, TekIntelligence helps organizations adjust their mobile application strategy over time, ensuring that customers return to successful, useful, intuitive apps again and again.
Mobile-friendly Websites
If your website’s mobile visitors currently lack a good user experience, you may lose a huge amount of your potential web traffic. We are ready to build or enhance your current website to introduce mobile-friendly UX, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), and AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and ensure that they will look great and function smoothly on any mobile device with any screen resolution.

Mobile Apps Development Plans

  • 40 hours minimum
  • iOS, Android & Hybrid
  • Best for small projects
  • Yearly support contract
  • iOS, Android & Hybrid
  • Enhancements included

50+ companies, from global brands to fast-scaling startups, have built custom mobile apps with us!