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Overcoming Hiring Challenges

How Top Technology Companies Can Overcome Hiring Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

In the world of technology, hiring is one of the most critical activities businesses engage in as technology continues to evolve and the demand for skilled professionals in tech is growing. However, hiring is also one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership due to several factors, including a shifting economy, evolving job market, and changing skills gaps. In this blog post, we’ll explore fundamental challenges and how companies can overcome these challenges while they continue building out their teams throughout 2022 and beyond.

Current Hiring Challenges

Technology companies are facing several challenges when it comes to hiring. The following are some of the most common hiring challenges.

Job Market

The high demand for tech resources has led to a Candidate’s Market. That implies more job openings published than candidates available, and the terms dictated by the potential candidates rather than the businesses as usual. With a limited talent pool, talented candidates tend to have a lot of options/offers and choose the one that fits their aspirations the most.

Skill Shortage

Many companies struggle to find qualified candidates in the job market, particularly those with skills and experience in technology. Though there are a high number of applicants, but not enough qualified candidates who fit the requirements. Fining apt candidates with relevant skillsets for demanding new technologies has become even more challenging.

Difficulty Attracting Talents

Many technology companies struggle to attract top talent despite being willing to pay industry standards or better. This gap is induced by a combination of factors, including the perceived riskiness of start-ups, brand perception of the organization, and the competitive nature of the tech industry.

Difficulty Retaining Talent

Come what may, technology companies often manage to hire talented employees. However, have difficulty retaining them. This churn is predominantly due to the fast-paced nature of the tech industry can be burnout-inducing, leading many employees to move on after a few years. In addition, competitors are willing to offer more pay and better perks.

Blueprint for 2022 and Beyond

Despite the above challenges, there are a few strategies that technology companies can follow to overcome them. The following are some of them.

Building Positive Brand Perception

Most important that technology companies can do to overcome hiring challenges is to focus on developing a strong employer brand. It means creating an attractive and positive image that potential employees want to be part of and be proud of.  This can be done by ensuring that the company culture is supportive and collaborative and that employees have opportunities to grow and develop within the company.

Streamlining Hiring Process

Technology companies must focus on making the hiring process more efficient, effective and transparent. For the same, the hiring process should be streamlined so that it takes less time and resources, and ensures that only the most qualified candidates are considered for positions.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for recruiting new talent. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn to post job openings can help reach potential candidates. The same can assist connect with passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a new job but would be open to the right opportunity.

Capitalizing Data

Data could play a significant role in your hiring process. By leveraging data analytics, you can identify patterns and trends in the types of candidates who are most successful in specific roles. These insights would contribute to better-informed decisions about who to hire and accelerate the hiring process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPOs are external recruitment solution providers to which a company transfers all or parts of its recruitment functions. RPO agencies are typically more responsive to the changing demands and dynamics of the business world than in-house recruiters. Along with their expertise and exposure, RPOs work across different- teams, industries, and clients, that broaden their horizons and accommodate changing requirements.

TekIntelligence is a preferred recruitment partner for many businesses across the globe. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps you offload your recruitment-related challenges, so you shall solely focus on your core business. With vast experience, we are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the hiring process and help you fill your organization’s hiring gaps.



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