Delivering DevOps-as-a-Service is one of TekIntelligence's core areas of expertise.

We help our customers in implementing technology and organizational change focused on reducing software time‐to‐market, limiting defects, and reducing risk by implementing DevOps. We use the best DevOps practices, cloud features, and innovative tools to design, implement, and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure along with CI/CD pipeline.
From cloud migration to DevOps solutions, TekIntelligene has the expertise and experience to support your software development needs.

TekIntelligence ensures hassle-free delivery of high-quality software that allows companies to achieve better results. Software can be delivered and deployed without the involvement of technical staff.

With our DevOps consultants on board, you will no longer worry about bugs and defects on every stage of the project development. Quality assurance is built into the delivery pipeline to make sure that the software reaches end customers with no defects.

Security and monitoring tools prevent intrusion and down time by eliminating attack vectors and reducing risks. Our dedicated and passionate specialists can handle business needs of any complexity: from end-to-end DevOps support to a unique solution designed from scratch.

New features including project automation and optimization allow TekIntelligence to eliminate time-consuming operations and ensure fast software delivery. Our services allow you to quickly adapt to market changes and provide customers with the product they need at the right time.

Prominent IT Security Services

DevOps Consulting Services
TekIntelligence will evaluate your current software development process and business needs, then advise on the best way to align them through DevOps. Our experienced DevOps consultants will help you to audit the current delivery process and identify bottlenecks, plan out the DevOps automation and management strategy and help you select the optimal tech tools
DevOps Transformation Services
We will help you implement the right technology to automate the key aspects of your software delivery workflow. Our DevOps transformation support includes 1. Deployment automation, 2. Release management, 3. QA automation and continuous testing 4. Automated code quality control, 5. DevOps continuous delivery, 6. Network, server and software configuration automation
CI/CD Pipeline Services
From code to cloud, we automate each part of the DevOps process with CI/CD and your choice of tooling. 1. Build and re-architecture CI/CD pipelines, establishing environments for application, 2. CI/CD pipelines and releases with multiple environments, 3. Workflows automation with Team city and GitHub Actions, 4. Host Jenkins workloads, extend existing configuration, or simplify CI/CD with Jenkins plugins, 5. Fast and repeatable deployments.
DevOps Maintenance and Security
We help companies seamlessly adapt to the new DevOps process and keep the newly introduced workflows under control. TekIntelligence’s DevOps management team will: 1. Train the teams to work in a new highly automated infrastructure, 2. Monitor the new workflows’ performance, 3. Adjust the current DevOps solution to the changing environment if needed, 4. Measure the DevOps solution’s efficiency

DevOps Service Plans

  • 40 hours minimum
  • Business Hours support
  • Best for small DevOps tasks
  • Yearly support contract
  • DevOps Automation
  • CI/CD Support

We manage every stage from infrastructure evaluation to implementation to ensure high-quality end results